Welcome to the web-site of the Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study.  This Study was launched in 2005, with the assistance of Kent Irvin, and its website was re-vamped in 2011 with the assistance of Rick Byers. 

Both the Study and its website were under the aegis of the Clan Irwin Association (CIA) until April 2017 when the Study’s former URL, www.dnastudy.clanirwin.org had to be withdrawn for technical reasons.  Our new URL is www.clanirwin-dna.orgThe Study and its website are now fully independent from the Association, although the Study continues to respect and publicise the Association and to recognise that the interests of the members of the Study and the participants of the Association have considerable overlap.



This is Update No.22 of our Study.  Developments include:

  • Our Study now has approaching 450 participants with STR test results, of whom 35 have BigY test results and  62 have L555 Pack Test results. 
  • Of our large Border Irwin genetic family, 35% can now be included in the L555 haplotree.

  • Border Irwins who are not yet on this haplotree are recommended to consider taking the $119 L555 SNP Pack test.

  • It has transpired that the success we had last year of bringing a part of the human haplotree to overlap with a conventional family tree (in our case our L555 haplotree overlapping with the pedigrees of representatives of the Bonshaw and Castle Irvine lines) has only been replicated by a couple of other Surname DNA projects.
  • To bring our L555 haplotree down to the genealogies of other members of our Borders genetic family which do not go back to the 16th century will require Family Finder and/or 111 marker STR testing.  For this reason I have now revised our main results table to include Family Finder test results.  This means an even larger spreadsheet, so I have sought to improve its layout and the accompanying explanation.  For those who prefer a simpler but less comprehensive presentation see www.familytreedna.com/public/irwin/default.aspx?section=yresults < Y-DNA Results < Classic. 
  • Our sister Autosomal DNA project now has its own "page" on this website, with a May 2017 Report.


                            James M Irvine,  Surrey, UK;

 Study Administrator, 8 May 2017;


Kit no. 29479;  ISOGG Member.

Our former web address of  www.dnastudy.clanirwin.org has now been replaced by www.clanirwin-dna.org.  My thanks to Rick Byers for enabling this.  It may be some time before all search engines carry this new URL.

James M Irvine, 18 August 2017